Political Partay*

It’s hard not to imagine TV adverts full of woe Are somehow interconnected with the governmental show Of political ineptitude, fraying wits and pompous twits Making an inelegant fist of it all In the hallowed environs of Whitehall: Eloquently ramming home that, yes, you’re very much on your own Because ‘We’ in positions of national […]

Evolutionary Existentialism*

It seems in equal measures Both inevitable and tragic That Man, the Guardian of the Planet, Has woven a selfish kind of magic. The trundling sense of ‘evolution’ A driven endeavour to seek solutions Leading, over centuries, To the scourging of forests and wasting of trees, Pollution of waters, erosion of land, Only now realising […]

Wander Woman*

I’m not so much Wonder Woman As a woman who simply wanders… Errant in mind and quick to distract, In order to simply not look back. Occasionally pausing to ponder The rocks and pebbles in my path. The whether-to-weep or whether-to-laugh, The whether-to-stop-where-I-am-and-just-sit… If only I had both will and wit To turn my back […]


Facial Recognition Technology* Would seem to need ophthalmology… And possible further intervening With thorough and detailed memory screening The stuff imagined in Seventies sci-fi, Apparently now scanning you and I And like an aged uncle or aunt, Not at all keen to be told it can’t… LIke a tourist armed with video facility Eager to […]

Reveille for the USA*

Woe is the World… This President Elect The one whom few will ever forget, Not so much for his politics As arrogant, headline-grabbing antics…¹ Unless, in fact, this is media selection: Whether to damage or simply court correction. The former perhaps the most obvious plan, Constructing the downfall of a questionable man. Creating a backdraft […]

Disunited States

America, America, We’ve been down this road before: Me and my country-folk looking on with awe At the hearts-on-sleeves emotion That rises from your crowds, As though if it ain’t hollered It means you just ain’t proud; The Star-Spangled Banner aloft across the land A symbol of identity we’re supposed to understand. So, what then […]

Civil Engineering*

A bridge over even mildly troubled water Would be quite an architectural undertaking, A structure designed to take the weight Would certainly be worth making But nonetheless leaves unresolved The problems of three restless souls Anxious to secure position As the country’s leading politician, Currently standing side by side At least pretending to be firmly […]