Soccer Start-Up*

Aaaaaaand YESSSSSSSS!!! It’s the start of the football season* But with it, an inevitable loss of all reason… -Just in case you haven’t heard… Not that it seems a little absurd To be crashing on with ‘winter pursuits, Pitches barely repairing their roots And fans confused by seasonal affairs Such as taking a holiday just […]

Sunshine & Solitude*

I scroll through my emails from habit Hoping quielty for something to read, Wading through spam in frustration At just how easy it is to plead… To launch a cause into the ether To capture attention web-wide Entreating strangers to sign and share Without much sense of pride. A name and viable email address Are […]

Lewes Sings Goodbye*

Karen -and fellow choristers from all over the place,¹ Do you ever quietly marvel at the way we all keep pace? Do you privately pause to ponder the distance we’d actually travel, In the moment quite incredulous how rarely we unravel…?(!) In unison, step-clapping on the two and the four, Making our mark on the […]


Give a man a problem and leave him to solve it. Give him a dispute and hope he’ll resolve it. Give a man book and teach him to read Give him opportunity and help him achieve. Give him a computer and leave him to play, Finding out all sorts of things to feed his idle […]


Imagine there’s a heaven: A place disposed to all, Irrespective of each calling, Each epiphany, each fall. The ways we tear ourselves apart By race, by colour, creed- Yet when the cuts run deep How differently do we bleed? How are you by faith defined -By garments, virtue, open mind? By doctrine or by dogmatism […]

Remember, Remember…*

Remember, remember, the 5th of November: Gunpowder, treason and plot! The reasons for this incendiary occasion These days, mostly forgot… The enduring interest in fireworks A sedimented, celebratory quirk: The setting of pyres, an inclination Inherent in men of all generations1    Something primal sedimented Into a habit no longer contended. The spark of ancient […]


Turns out we can prove anything with science From evolutionary genesis to rights of military defiance, The human drive for evidence A raison d’etre in our defence, Proving the pudding with vital consumption Tempered with a measure of righteous assumption, This, the way that History is born: Those who speak loudest leading the dawn While […]