Olde Habits*

Old(e) habits die hard… Folk are still sending greetings cards!* A headline intoning mild disbelief Older folk breathing a collective Good GRIEF!!! -Is nothing immune from electronic ‘advance’ To eradicate all human song-and-dance? To strip away the personal edge The single endeavour of those raking a wedge Through sales of electronic devices Irrespective of those […]


Life. Love. Learning. Laughter. Things to remember In the happy-ever-after. First steps, first calls, First stumble, first falls, First Going-Out nights, First fights and made-rights. Each governed with love and determination To learn for the better from a tough situation. A legacy crafted by patient degree, By parents setting their offspring free To find their […]

Feline Separation Anxiety*

Man granted rights to Skype the cat… I see nothing strange about that. Human relationship demise Really, these days, no big surprise. As sad as it seems inevitable, Folk learn they are not so compatible, And try as they might, the inevitable fight To find a suitably mutual solution Is a complex process of (d)evolution, […]


I find it creepy when uninvited emails arrive With my name so prominent and purposefully inscribed As though the Marketeers believe They’re fighting a battle especially for me And maybe I’ll just take the bait Because they say I’ll miss it if I hesitate… Whatever they’re selling, However compelling, I’m duty-bound to look and see, […]

From Pen to Ether*

History is taking a turn for the worse, Blighted by the Electronic Curse Of instanteous satisfaction Generated by all that keyboard action. Children able to type at speed Parents proud and taking no heed Of implications to manual skill While passively paying ridiculous bills To keep up appearance with upgrades and versions In order to […]

Political Partay*

It’s hard not to imagine TV adverts full of woe Are somehow interconnected with the governmental show Of political ineptitude, fraying wits and pompous twits Making an inelegant fist of it all In the hallowed environs of Whitehall: Eloquently ramming home that, yes, you’re very much on your own Because ‘We’ in positions of national […]

Sporting Chances*

Whatever she does or doesn’t do, It doesn’t feel like she’s much use to you. Except for the business of household chores -All the jobs of work far less interesting than yours. The bathroom, the toilet, the hoovering, the laundry, The kitchen, the yard: Do you see her quandry? The shopping list would even be […]