Life’s A Gas*

There’s a shortage of carbon dioxide:* The irony is not lost… Have we used it all up in fizzy drinks, Forgetting to count the cost? Are we breathing in but selfishly Forgetting to exhale? Should we cease aerobic exercise In order to turn tail? Should we plead with politicians To get straight down to Terms […]

Seasonal Slumber*

There are just a few signs of spring in my yard: The earth still resting, clogged and hard With weeds of all sorts taking up the challenge To wreak their bold, unfettered revenge, Presuming (rightly, one might suppose) They’ll see no trouble from the rose, A plant of sentimental worth While firmly rooted in the […]


Planet Earth is getting restless with her tenants. Their behaviour by degree increasingly repellent, From casual misuse to abject abuse And only now making headline news As humans, the arbiters of this decline, Awake to find they’re the next in line: Ecologists’ gently persistent voices Arbiters of now well-publcised choices To plough green spaces into […]

Seasons Greetings*

December is here but the leaves are still changing, As though the seasons are rearranging… Radiant green the prevalent shade Only gradually beginning to fade Multiple hues of orange and red Spectral affirmation that the leaves are dead, Floating down on the chill of the wind, Affirming that Nature shall not rescind . A proper […]