Education Matters…*

Congratulations!!!! To everyone who’s made their grade -And to those of you who missed the mark: Try not to feel dismayed. There’s life beyond those Public Exams, Not that I’m saying just don’t give a damn… More, that examination strife Is not the only thing in life- Which isn’t to say your time’s been wasted […]

Drought Doubt*

Save water? -Bath with a friend…?!! I think not!! -although that may depend …On being allowed to bath at all, Given the recent abstemious rainfall: A peculiar sense of deja nada┬╣ The call to Save water!! Making things that much harder. Doesn’t this happen too frequently Or is that just my memory…? Especially recalling ’76 […]

Food for Thought*

The Obesity Crisis’s gone broadside…* A solidly determined turn of the tide To reign in consumption of ‘Junk’ foods galore, Especially those with high calorie scores Encouraging Joe Public, his Mrs and kids To think about which foods to forbid: Which to choose with careful discretion And which to consume with no need of confession, […]

Sartorial Shenanigans*

Shopping for clothes… An evolutionary human habit? An eye for a bargain? No thinking- just grab it? Seen it in a magazine or on the back of a passer by? “It’s absolutely what I need- just not really quite sure why…” Seeing it now in a retail outlet, with lightning reflex and just gotta have […]


If you never say ‘No’ Then how do you know That you can’t? If you never refuse Can you argue J’accuse When the absence of negation Leaves you in a situation To which you’d been quietly hoping You wouldn’t get roped in, In spite of your silence And thoughts of violence Contemplating the prospect Of […]

Lost Profits*

Today’s a bit of a non-day, A non-denominational, do-what-you-want-day. Excepting perhaps for folk with small people, For whom one hopes Santa’s gift will keep all Actively engaged in new exploration With toys and games post-celebration. That is, unless the Sales are calling -A prospect I find completely appalling… Not least because of moneys spent To […]

Who Do You Think You Are?*

If children are at the stage of trying on identity, Where does that leave the dinosaurs? -The ordinary folk like you and me, Who’ve grown up unquestioningly sure…? Who’ve grown up soundly in our own skin, Not so much a whisper of ‘Out’ or ‘In’, With confidence and parental endorsement -None of that publicised ‘inner […]