Food for Thought*

The Obesity Crisis’s gone broadside…* A solidly determined turn of the tide To reign in consumption of ‘Junk’ foods galore, Especially those with high calorie scores Encouraging Joe Public, his Mrs and kids To think about which foods to forbid: Which to choose with careful discretion And which to consume with no need of confession, […]

Planet Plastic*

It really is quite fantastic All this pledging to minimise plastic Without, it seems, that much of a plan To educate the ordinary man¹ -Whose habit, passively honed with years, Sees carrier bags as essential gear With no such imperative to actually bring His very own collection of the things… Serial investments of ‘just five […]

Fairy Tale Fashion Mistakes*

What is it about the fairy tale princess That causes us gals to quietly obsess…? Those long, alluring tresses of gold Won’t suit her so well when she is old: Anymore the luscious gowns of silk, Tafetta, velvet and cloth of that ilk, Held in place by a whale-bone corset And laced from the back- […]

Pre-Christmas Chaos*

‘Tis the season of chaos-born fantasy… Frantic shopping an inevitability With last minute touches still to be found In spite of the urge to flee from the town. High Streets rivalling the M25 With hordes of pedestrians grappling to survive, Dragging their children and multiple bags, The joy on all faces beginning to sag, Caught […]

Gift Horse*

It’s beginning to look too much like Christmas… Oh, deary me. Costly bargains and tacky decorations as far as the eye can see! People of all ages gathering momentum Making lists and squaring up -If there’s bargains to be had, they’ll find ’em. Queues along the pavements as broad as they’re long While in the […]

All Hallows Eve*

  Ah, Halloween, Where have your been, Your ghosts and grievances for a year unseen? And strangely, with centuries, metamorphosed Into parades of characters exotically morose, Caught between children’s costumed collections Of treats and practical insurrections, And references to deep tradition Of prayer and private contemplation. To bang on the doors of friends and neighbours […]

One Little Word*

No Means NO. Not ‘hang on! -Just a mo…’ No Means Not at all And most certainly not Go. Which part of that Is beyond comprehension? Which part inviting Unsolicited attention? Which part of ‘No’ In any situation Is an open invitation To sexual violation?   *