Sartorial Shenanigans*

Shopping for clothes… An evolutionary human habit? An eye for a bargain? No thinking- just grab it? Seen it in a magazine or on the back of a passer by? “It’s absolutely what I need- just not really quite sure why…” Seeing it now in a retail outlet, with lightning reflex and just gotta have […]

George Street Vintage*

George Street Vintage is my choice of design house. Uniqueness of style for an interesting blouse As much a well chosen gentlemen’s shirt- (The buttons are reversed but that doesn’t hurt)¹. Enough of a choice not to suffer the indignity Of meeting someone dressed the same way as me (Which happened in a pub one […]

Sartorial Intelligence*

My quest for a dress Was a source of distress The sense of sartorial propriety A serious consideration for me, Not least because such occasion warrants At *least* a little extravagance. A wedding, indeed, The best of days To see two young people on their way: Friends and family looking on, Wondering where the years […]

The Oban Opus #1 Vacation Consternation

We’re all going on a summer hol-i-day I haven’t finished packing yet: there’s going to be sweet hell to pay. For anyone to knows my sartorial preference I’d understand if you should feel this really is no just defence. It’s not like I’ve a wardrobe of high-fashion staples From which must be selected those items […]

On George Street

The wonders of George Street are hard to fathom With charity shops from top to bottom Alternated with cafes, I suppose, And occasional salons to juxtapose -And don’t forget the tattoo parlour (Hardly a place of cultural ardour-) Where time seems to pass with nothing to do Except to colour one’s colleagues blue… It’s good […]