There’s a genuine tone of human concern for the way we’re misusing our planet, Innovation, the principle of progress: Dream it, Make it, Use it, Junk it…* The product of this process, inevitable ubiquity: Plastic, the current beast in question, as though only now we see The depth of damage and destruction caused by unmarked […]

Avis Non Grata*

The seagulls used to serenade From rooftops every morning, Calling and chuckling Just as the day was dawning: The collective noise of chattering beaks The start to every day of the week As though they’d much to share with their mates, Even those who turned up late Calling anxiously to check in Before their flock […]

Planet Plastic*

It really is quite fantastic All this pledging to minimise plastic Without, it seems, that much of a plan To educate the ordinary manĀ¹ -Whose habit, passively honed with years, Sees carrier bags as essential gear With no such imperative to actually bring His very own collection of the things… Serial investments of ‘just five […]


If you never say ‘No’ Then how do you know That you can’t? If you never refuse Can you argue J’accuse When the absence of negation Leaves you in a situation To which you’d been quietly hoping You wouldn’t get roped in, In spite of your silence And thoughts of violence Contemplating the prospect Of […]

Auld Lang Syne*

With this being the back-end of twenty-seventeen, What will you say about where you’ve been…? Did you achieve all you promised you would? -Is if fair to say all was basically good With no real need to further confess, Those little things in need of redress?? -Unless, of course, you’re choosing to share In order […]

Small Steps*

Life is fragile. Fickle as fate. The drive to do stuff before it’s too late Riven with challenge, the rise and fall, In simple pursuit of managing it all. Imagined opportunity Stretching beyond what we think we can see; The open landscape with troughs and peaks Too often obscured by the working week, Skewed in […]


If we feared ‘Strangers’ less and took time to acknowledge That, yes, they’re not party to certain knowledge, If we made ourselves available instead of unassailable And recognised the value of potential contributions, Would that perhaps enable more creative solutions? The building of bridges with hope and expectation A singular contribution to the Future of […]