What on earth is happening in children’s lives To motivate minors to carry knives? Weapons of indeterminate destruction Insidious in their powers of seduction: Adults, parents, professionals, public, Struggling to rationalise the rubric. -Feeding violent fantasies of power? -The thrill of seeing the underdog cower? For what…? For a reputation that sets them apart. As […]

Deaf Ears*

To the parents of every child wearing headphones, Ambling to and from school With the natural-enough delusion that they think they’re being cool, PLEASE advise them to be cautious, if only for their own sakes, And the benefit of drivers reaching for their handbrakes… We’ve all been adolescents; we’ve all done what you do The […]


Restraining the vital urge to complain About laundry versus woodsmoke yet again, I’m wondering if there’s room to debate The raising of colours to communicate Choices of garden activity That may just derail domesticity… The drying of laundry on days without rain Something of a chancy personal gain, If only in the knowledge of effort […]

Repercussions of Concussion*

Who would’ve said A bang on the head Would cause such consternation? The fuss and bother quickly surpassed By a trail of administration… The filling of forms and checking of cause A necessary protocol; The only given solution Consumption of Paracetamol. Me having to explain in detail again Notwithstanding waves of pain, My sense that […]

Constitutional Wrong? *

Bang-bang! Pop-pop! You’re dead-I’m not… But I watched what you did On the television news, Your story yet another To sadden and bemuse. Spraying headlines like bullets Across the western world, The Star Spangled Banner There limply unfurled. The Right To Bear Arms Doing little but harm, Empowering the weak And shredding the calm. Feeding […]

Organ Recital*

A ‘presumed consent’ debate situation Has arisen regarding human organ donation:* Whether every owner, once expired, Should surrender their organs as required, The simple idea that these are now there To benefit other folks’ medical care: Presumed consent the new intent, A peculiar and vexing sentiment… Well met, I’m sure, by family and friends Whose […]

Glitter Banned*

It’s difficult not to feel bitter About the banning of glitter… A seasonal treat since the age of four- With tinsel and baubles and so much more- It’s hard to imagine festivities Without this seasonal proclivity: Celebrations across the nation Potentially stymied by this situation, The natural preoccupation With festive folly across the nation Suddenly […]