Summer time and the occasion arises To let go those little up-sleeve surprises… Tattoos hidden away for the winter (As a way to keep warm, what could’ve been simpler Than saving these sanctified works of ink And avoiding the looks that say what some folk think…?) Though gone are the days of American piety, Hiding […]

Marathon Madness*

I couldn’t run for a bus! -Though I appreciate the fuss Attended to the marathon That comes annually to Brighton.¹ For a start, there’s the clearing of 26 miles, An exercise by nature bound to rile As tourists and locals And travelled-in folk’ll Flock like seagulls To witness the spectacle, Few of them thinking to […]

Café Society*

Why take a child to a coffee shop That’s packed to the gills with adults But no-one to actually play with? -In its way, both neglect and insult! I’m sitting very nicely Stretching toward the table, But frankly, all this ambience Is more than I can bear. I’m looking all around me But no-one really cares. […]

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!

Wild is the wind, In no mood to rescind… Its blustering oration Arousing consternation. The chattering of the wheelie bins in corporate anxiety Instantly undoing all that neighbourly piety, Not so steady in the gust, Their tumbling down an inevitable must: Unready arrhythmia of plastic onto concrete, Seagulls blustering overhead, Their eagerness indiscreet… Their plumage […]

Flat-Pack Fandango*

Ooooh, Yez…!! Good people of Brighton- Ikea is set to enlighten The retail prospects of our coast, This furniture multi-mart loved the most For flat-pack furniture, china and plants, Finally giving locals the chance To cruise their way along the coast In order to become entirely engrossed With three-dimensional representations Of previously pictorial furnishing sensations Which […]

Barking Parking*

Like many here, I park my car From whence I hope it’s not too far To haul my sleep-depriv-èd mass To school in reasonable time for class, Noting with increased concern How busy people seldom learn That other folk around them share The morning’s daily parking scare… The urgency to not be late Declining us […]

The Ghost of City Centres*

There’s frequent conjecture On the urban spectre Of our city’s rough sleepers, Ever-present Loose-Change Reapers, Sitting on the pavement passing the time While the rest of the populous goes rushing by Getting themselves into quite a palaver, With sooo much shopping always to gather. It’s Christmas, soon, let’s not forget,(!) Seasoned consumers starting to fret, Ploughing […]