Parking Debacle*

Dear Mr Kyle (MP)¹ I hope you might indulge me In answering a question That’s troubling increasingly: A particular vexation Of living near Hove station And made much worse in summer it seems With tourists, friends and relations in streams Trickling down the A23 To spend a day or more down by the sea, Each […]

Parking Political*

Parking in Brighton Is far from right on… The premium tariffs completely adrift And, frankly, causing rather a rift Between the Council, hovering with greed And road users whose freedom this impedes, Tourists, its seems, at the top of the list Of those entitled to feel p*ssed While those of us who just reside Are […]

Allotment Lament

Dear Allotment Overseer, I thank you for your letter. It’s regrettable you find my plot Just isn’t getting better. I really appreciate the pressure on the land So here, in my defence, Some things I’d ask you to understand… The first is what it means to have This little patch of space A rectangle of […]


Bus fares in Brighton are enough to frighten The most stalwart of support For Public Transport. Incoming drivers in their hoards Will never willingly come on board, Their right to personal convenience A totally unchallenged right of defence, Polluting the air upon the streets For those of us upon our feet Simply to avoid the […]

Education For All (Except perhaps for those that can’t fit in)*

Silence is tarnished By an absence of respect, The sense of abandonment I should perhaps expect. Although if it were me overseeing from your space I’d like to think I’d manage myself with a little more grace. Experience has taught me that Myopia is King Especially in a workplace where everyone’s surviving: It’s inherently exhausting, […]

Rip-Off Brighton

On Brighton-and-Hove buses The heart of the fuss is The hefty cost of fares; A blurring the boundaries Between pennies and poundses, The extenuated cost Of getting anywhere… The Council’s Transport Policy With its ersatz Green philosophy Favours folk who drive and park -None of this public transport lark- While efforts just barely afforded By […]