Save water!! -Bath with a friend…? I think not, although that may depend On being allowed to bath at all, Given the absense of recent rainfall: A peculiar sense of deja nada Making things seem that much harder, Doesn’t this happen too frequently Or is that just my memory…? Especially recalling ’76 ‘Phew, wot a […]

Seaside Solitaire*

Solitary confinement Is as broad as it’s long… A window of opportunity for raucous song Depending on how much you value your neighbours And whether or not they’re out tending their acres… Or playing their music loud as they please With little regard for the absence of trees And the simple physics of travelling sound […]

Summer in the City*

A model of the pier A stick of Brighton rock A bargain from Primark A genuine linen frock… Chips on the seafront While seagulls parade -Don’t look now: Be very afraid… Those beady eyes and polished beaks Surveying the humans, those sideshow freaks Walking along like Kings of the Prom Without so much as a […]

Good Old Sussex By The Sea*

The Palace Pier is back in town! Grab your beach gear! Come on down!! -Not forgetting your brolly and mac: It’s good to anticipate a weather attack Typical of British holiday resorts, Where Kiss-Me-Quick hats can still be sought But brollies and macs are much more the ticket For those imbued with British holiday spirit, […]

Wear Sunscreen*

We’re all going on a summer holiday!¹ General Excitement plays Abject Disarray… The musing and choosing and strewing of garments A very particular sartorial torment, The What-Will-The-Weather-Be-Like conversations, In spite of all published information. The default position of British hope For something akin to minor sun-stoke, Lobster-red, mixing pleasure and pain (While silently vowing not […]


Do you remember the beach as a kid, The harmlessly curious things we did? Bearing a net of radiant hue And, inevitably, a jam-jar or two In the simple hope of seeing close-hand Those weirdy creatures eschewing the land. The scouting for shells with their forms intact, The screams from behind when under attack From […]