Strictly Come Sitting…*

I’m feeling slightly overwrought By serial footage of competitive sport, The Commonwealth games, an impressive display, Drew me in deeper day by day: Grace, endurance and dedication All for the pride of our home nation, Me on the sofa (nothing new there!) Rapt with attention and starting to care To the point when I found […]

Poetry? Please…!*

I should not call myself a poet Not because I do not know it, Rather that talk of ‘Poetry’ Seems way more pretentious Than I’d choose to be. I grew up with the verse of hymns (Fabulous tunes, some lines a bit grim But no matter how absurd, They planted a sense of play with words) […]

Literary Integrity*

What makes a poet a poet? Is the writer supposed to just know it? Or is it a matter of intellectual patter -Does studying literature actually matter? Is it OK to do it My Way¹, Just scribbling ideas in idle wordplay? Tinkering with language, a freedom indeed, Well in advance of learning to read: The songs […]

Conservation Conversation

Re-wilding. What a wonderful notion, To regenerate nature through passive devotion ‘Allowing’, for such is human dominion (Depending of course on your opinion), The regeneration of diminishing species Sending the message that everything’s peachy For if mankind can just replace All we’ve destroyed to just save face, As though we can simply hide the shame […]

An Olympic Legacy

Dear BBC, Congrats on your achieving Olympic coverage on TV. It really was compelling To watch our teams excelling Offering themes of conversation Built upon the hopes of a celebrating nation (Lightly overstepping the unspoken audacity Of claiming the thrill for other people’s victory..!) National Pride increasingly swelling With viewing becoming so compelling As we […]

Media Studies

  Dear BBC, In the light of your well -reputed coverage I can’t help but notice the greater-than-average Pictorial placement of Men In The News,* This daily scenario set to confuse, Bamboozle even, the girls and the women Who also hold valid political opinion But somehow seem less worthy of place: Call me a Feminist […]

Mirror Image

  Beauty. A duty by most gals’ standards, Not for the public, The boyfriends or granddads More, in truth to simply be able To feel we’re not scary across the table- This daily ritual so entrenched (Notice the products adorning the bench, Strewn across the nearest worktop Like a kids’ cosmetic shop- Memories of scribbling […]