Techno Trials*

Switch off your technology At least an hour before bed….?* What on earth do childrenĀ  do these days To occupy their heads..?! Imagine the chaos of restless fingers Along with the kind of resentment that lingers, The desperate sense of instant aloneness; The unfamiliarity of ‘creative’ mess, With cutting and sticking and making and building; […]

Departure Time*

I’ve long come to the conclusion That there’s rising cause for confusion In the popular notion that Man has power To protect every animal, tree and flower Through work in the name of conservation -A complicated situation, Somehow misrepresenting the fact That whatever we do, we can never go back… We can never revoke the […]


If we feared ‘Strangers’ less and took time to acknowledge That, yes, they’re not party to certain knowledge, If we made ourselves available instead of unassailable And recognised the value of potential contributions, Would that perhaps enable more creative solutions? The building of bridges with hope and expectation A singular contribution to the Future of […]

Bobby On A Bike*

Dear Mr No-Lights Smart-Arse Cycle Rider I wondered… Is this journey your final decider? Are you by nature a gambling fool Falsely imagining you’re actually cool..? -That people passing in the street Will part their ways in sharp retreat, Hearing the rush of air at their back, The reptilian hiss of rubber on tarmac, Feeling […]

Freedom of Information*

It’s a well-known but little-acknowledged fact That technology can steadily do you harm, The business of manual communication Too readily disarmed… The humble pencil (bless its heart) No longer an essential part Of every child’s ABC, The luxury of technology Now commonplace and superseding Basic skills, and so impeding Fallback capabilities That have no need […]


War. What is it good for When the guarantee of victory Can rarely be assured And the vogue of modern history Will deconstruct reward? The polemics of combat A challenge to thrall- The victors, the victims; the rise, the Fall; The life/death conundrum The Victory/Defeat The Terrorist/Freedom-Fighter circular debate. And so it rolls on, The […]