If you never say ‘No’ Then how do you know That you can’t? If you never refuse Can you argue J’accuse When the absence of negation Leaves you in a situation To which you’d been quietly hoping You wouldn’t get roped in, In spite of your silence And thoughts of violence Contemplating the prospect Of […]


When I was a child, my parents gave me books With pictures, stories, poems, facts- each one worth a look All the way from heady days when Janet first met John… (Though long since have I had my doubts they actually got on- He the Big Adventure and she the frilly sidekick I wonder why […]


Put the bloody computer down. Pull out the plug, Put your feet on the ground! Let your mobile phone go flat And see just how you cope with that! Step outside and meet the day -It’s gonna be there anyway… Feel the wind in your hair And the rain on your face -Who gives a […]

Contemporary Communication Disorder

  The glance is mightier than the word.¹ An observation not so absurd, The curse being sharper than the sentiment, Semiotics, the weapon of intent.² A smile may launch a thousand ships, This cause-effect relationship Declared of Helen Of Troy, I believe. A curious burden, ill-conceived, The blame and cost attributed To one woman’s face, […]

The Appliance of Silence

Some silence isn’t golden. It’s really made of lead. It’s punishing. And secretive. And messes with the head. It rolls around in empty space Gathering momentum Edging worries into cracks With intention to conceal them, The freeze-thaw cycle of timeless repetition Systematically emphasising disparate disposition While colleagues, friends and families Nurse their insecurities, Sensing something’s […]

Potential Difference*

Sometimes, I just sits and thinks. And sometimes I just sits¹ Slightly bewildered, if I’m honest, But they’re paying me to do it… They’re giving me money to represent A certain, significant educational intent That keeps me on a liveable wage But, frankly, spectacularly fails to engage, The students in my charge growing steadily more […]


Time waits for no man, Or so I am told- The subtext suggesting we’ll all grow old If we are lucky enough to survive The multiple rigours of modern life: The chaps with the challenge of baldness and worse And women facing outcomes just as tough to reverse While from this fragile inevitability Emerges an […]