Freedom of Information*

It’s a well-known but little-acknowledged fact That technology can steadily do you harm, The business of manual communication Too readily disarmed… The humble pencil (bless its heart) No longer an essential part Of every child’s ABC, The luxury of technology Now commonplace and superseding Basic skills, and so impeding Fallback capabilities That have no need […]

Pilgrims’ Progress*

In the name of Progress, what have we done To disavow the younger generations Of the skills and resilience To face life’s tribulations? We gave them mass media, The internet, Mobile phones; We gave them support groups And places they might moan, Learning to express themselves With courage and authenticity. Why, then, should they harm […]

A Lesson In The Life*

#1- Introduction Waiting. Waiting. Not hesitating. Just waiting… Not for Godot, Though though goodness knows It would be quite something if he shows… Almost as much of a feat, I’d guess, As me avoiding making a mess (!) A trail of practical debris the clue To things I think I’d rather do Than sit. Just […]


So… I took my haircut back to the shop On account that it was wonky. It’s something that I’ve struggled with, The trichology of a donkey… Wiry, wilful, bloody-minded Frankly not at all inclined-ed To concur with passing trends So I could look just like my friends. And so unfolded my teenage years, The barnet […]

Making Up Is Hard To Do*

Younger women’s makeup Must terrify the chaps, Wondering what lies beneath Geological layers of slap… Worrying if they get too near That things won’t be as they appear, The threatening, slippery film of grease Sliding into every crease, Slipping rather gracelessly Into places where it should not be, Resulting in a brilliant shine From just above […]

Mental Wealth*

Much recent talk on mental health Would seem to be skewed by the presence of wealth, The young, the rich and famous, Who may not remain nameless, Speaking out on how it feels When your world has lost appeal. Something quite incongruous To the ordinary rest of us Labouring under contemporary illusion That money somehow […]

Cinderella Complex*

Let’s hear it for the girls- Let’s ask them how life really seems With aspirations and ambitions Somehow elided into dreams, Reducing expectations For up to half of any nation Simply because that’s How Life Is -A deeply sedimented kind of business With social media taking the hit For the ways young people are using […]