Track & Field*

I’m feeling slightly overwrought By serial footage of competitive sport… As if the football season Was not sufficient reason For sitting on the sofa, glued to the screen Wondering what might happen And then, what might’ve been; Not really understanding the draw, Much less, the business of keeping score Until I caught crossed paths with […]

Armchair Linesman*

Wimbledon’s just now done and dusted. Plenty there to be deconstructed, Watching the re-runs and slo-mo clips In between the fish and chips… I really just don’t get it at all, The human need to chase a ball, Historically linked by convolution To hunter-gathering evolution, The basic need for proteined food A focus for the […]

Self Defeat*

Girls, girls, girls How has your place in this world Regressed beyond all recognition In the face of media competition Over just about everything From what to say to what to sing; From what to wear, how to style your hair, To how and what and whether to share The most intimate of personal details […]

Potential Difference*

Sometimes, I just sits and thinks. And sometimes I just sits¹ Slightly bewildered, if I’m honest, But they’re paying me to do it… They’re giving me money to represent A certain, significant educational intent That keeps me on a liveable wage But, frankly, spectacularly fails to engage, The students in my charge growing steadily more […]


Lots of things went wrong today. I couldn’t find my song today. Instead, I found my disarray And muddled through it anyway. It isn’t that I’m hopeless But maybe I just cope less When nothing is in focus And I can’t pinpoint my locus, Which leads to self-distraction Past the point of retraction… And so […]


Today, I am An International Woman. Standing up to celebrate The things we have in common And finding that I’m speechless With something to observe In the sense of recognition We all rightly deserve. The World Order of things, Gendered language and permissions, Enough to start a dialogue On pre-set dispositions; The sedimented learning Of […]


They tell all the grownups That I’ve got ‘special needs’ As though to make a difference To the way they should proceed. Some just talk quite slowly Some don’t talk at all Some just keep on shouting As if they’re really doubting That I can do anything By myself At all. They don’t talk much […]