Rest In Peace.*

Hold back the tears and raise your hands- Heaven must be hosting one helluva band -Serial musicians of our generation Together on a cloud causing quite a sensation While each and every one-time teen Remembers how good our disco days have been- From shuffling and awkward in different corners Watching over-confident John Travoltas Completely oblivious to […]


If ever I was dehydrated, Science would be fascinated That my powdered disposition’s In a well-maintained position, Honestly only testament To caffeine. …What a sorry lament! Overlooking my behaviour Truly, what a saviour: No black market shady dealing, Beats hands down Earl Grey and Darjeeling! Though truth be told, I’ve reservations About the product’s preparations, […]

London Fashion Week (2016)

Welcome to London Fashion Week. You know you’d love to take a peek If only to see your ‘pre-loved’ pieces (Notwithstanding moth holes and creases) Suddenly beckoned out of the closet For ȧ la mode details on the pocket, Or any contemporary feature for that matter, Assuming you’ve not grown that much fatter(!) Over the […]

Soccer Saboteurs

Diffusion of responsibility Is a curious indignity. The shedding of blame by association The name of the game on so many occasions. ‘It wasn’t me, Guv. Honest mate!’ More swearing as the fans berate Anyone who dares to suggest Your behaviour, gents, is perhaps not the best. The singing in chorus from contralto to walrus […]

The Politics of Rhetoric*

The cards are on the table. All hopes cast to the wind. The annual government budget speech Is about to begin. A spot of pomp and ceremony To brighten the affair, An unusually high number Of politicians sitting there, Those on the front bench Deemed to run the ship Whether or not they’re robustly equipped […]


Today, I am An International Woman. Standing up to celebrate The things we have in common And finding that I’m speechless With something to observe In the sense of recognition We all rightly deserve. The World Order of things, Gendered language and permissions, Enough to start a dialogue On pre-set dispositions; The sedimented learning Of […]