Poor Reception*

Woman Hangs On Telephone: No Sign Of Connection!¹ Having held the line for a length of time Without any further direction, Listening intently for a sign That somebody -anybody- has the time To listen to the simple plea For a space-time opportunity. After all, what is the purpose Of this costly automated circus If not […]

Canine Defence*

Why have a dog with short legs If you want to be walking at speed? Would it not be kinder to carry the creature In order to proceed Than drag it by the collar Inducing clear anxiety, The whimpering sound As those little limbs bound, Unforgivable impropriety. Why have a dog with short legs? Was […]

Bobby On A Bike*

Dear Mr No-Lights Smart-Arse Cycle Rider I wondered… Is this journey your final decider? Are you by nature a gambling fool Falsely imagining you’re actually cool..? -That people passing in the street Will part their ways in sharp retreat, Hearing the rush of air at their back, The reptilian hiss of rubber on tarmac, Feeling […]

T Will Survive!*

At first, she was stalwart, took the Leavers’ side Kept thinking she and hers could live sans Europe by their side She spent so many words trying hard to persuade Tory politicians Along with various aids. And now she’d vexed, like Humpty Dumpty Faltering at the helm like some nautical numpty She should have listened […]

Strictly Come Sitting…*

I’m feeling slightly overwrought By serial footage of competitive sport, The Commonwealth games, an impressive display, Drew me in deeper day by day: Grace, endurance and dedication All for the pride of our home nation, Me on the sofa (nothing new there!) Rapt with attention and starting to care To the point when I found […]