It’s well and truly winter. The weather’s getting restless. So¬† now’s the time to find that infernal thermal vest -Or more than one if you’re organised And know just where you stored them- Along with all those mothballed woollies, frayed about the hem, And multiples of socks and gloves in partnership debates, The brokering of […]

Carrier Bag Conundrum*

There’s a problem in the bagging area Giving rise to a sense of shopping hysteria Arguably as a consequence Of retailers charging a paltry five pence For every carrier bag requested By those who, while still interested In the idea of conservation With regard to the Plastic Bag Situation, Have planned and failed to bring […]

U KIP If U Want To*

Stand by your woman… Stand by your dame… Even if she causes you shame. Or maybe not if her misdemeanours Means you feel you can’t be seen with her In spite, perhaps, of sharing her views -Not something to declare on headline news But something, perhaps, to seriously consider, Especially if you’re not a quitter. […]


Trump Scraps Visit! -Well, that’s no surprise, is it…? The man with an ego the size of a planet Really not wanting to compromise it, Faced with the very real idea He would not, perhaps, feel welcome here. Perhaps this is progress, Perhaps self-preservation: Whatever the reason, A win-win situation. No more to be said […]

Excess Specs*

Is your world a little fuzzy round the gills? Do you struggle to see the dust on your window sills? Do you find you’ve inadvertently offended Somebody that you long ago befriended, Passing oblivious on an empty road Yet failing wholeheartedly to decode The fuzzy outline coming toward That hasn’t yet exchanged a word… But […]

Reasons Why I Sing*

Nobody asks me why do I sing…* After so many years, it’s kind of just my ‘thing’, Travelling once weekly for two terms a year To learn and internalise all that I hear -As explanations go, sounding wholly underwhelming. But you’d really get the picture if you heard those voices ring! The pure, human quality […]

Liquorice Lassitude*

Liquorice Allsorts ain’t what they used to be… They’re quite a disappointment Not least because they’re reduced in size, Notwithstanding Royal Appointment. All the ones I know and love Still very much present and correct Although seriously lacking in quantity, Adding yet further regret. These, the sweets of my childhood, Ingrained in family folklore Have […]