Cause for Celebration*

Happy Birthday Meesiz Feench! I hope it’s been a goodun- Glad to see you’re catchin’ up With all us other old’ns… It really isn’t quite that bad Adding on another year… You’re way back there at the end of the queue So there really isn’t that much to fear: At least the sun is shining […]

Monarchic Malarkey*

National and international media proclaim The birth of a British prince,until tonight with no name.. Though leaving little room to breech Tradition, Monikers aplenty vying for position, Already effortlessly infinite Assisted by Jo Public’s wit… George, Charles, Edward, James, Among the most distinguished names, Each in their era, of noble descent. One wonders how much […]

Planet Plastic*

It really is quite fantastic All this pledging to minimise plastic Without, it seems, that much of a plan To educate the ordinary manĀ¹ -Whose habit, passively honed with years, Sees carrier bags as essential gear With no such imperative to actually bring His very own collection of the things… Serial investments of ‘just five […]

Pointing the Finger*

The postmodern pencil grip Sees me wince with discomfort As though to simply hand-write Is a Herculean effort… The way young hands and fingers contort With the pain of all their internet sport: Thumbs the dominant digits these days, Depending, I suppose, on the games they play. Gone, the Hopscotch, Jacks and Five-Stones, Replaced by […]

Big Pants*

Been watching ‘fashion’ on daytime TV. Please don’t be too quick to judge me… Visual research my raison d’etre -Seasonal trends etc etc: Prevailing amazonian standards suplanted By ordinary women taking nothing for granted. Gratitude evident in their faces, (Gentle signs of nerves in places) Carrying themselves with simple confidence, (Trembling inside, I bet, given […]

Road Diggers*

‘s Sunday morning. We got road diggers. Bustin’ the pavement with pneumatic triggers… A rumbling from childhood, strangely evocative (Though doubtless, for a Sunday, a little provocative?) The thundering power of Men At Work a testament to urgency: In economic terms, plain proof of an emergency. Potential for catastrophe not insignificant, The humblest of sparks […]

Man Up*

Goldie Loxx was a thoughtful boy, Imbued with inevitable folk-tale joy. At least, in readers’ imagination… For his domestic situation Was less than fair or desirable: More, tragically derisable… Every female living there Obsessed with frocks, heels, nails and hair, Leaving all domestic chores And other tasks that they abhorred To Goldie, his time fully […]