Round One*

I’m watching World Cup football, Rather getting the hang of it all… The pomp and the circumstance The songs and the revelry And as yet, nothing newsworthy enough to appal… But lingering in the background, a spectre of old: The stories of domestic abuse, not often these days told. Male passion for the Beautiful Game […]

World Cup Wisdom*

Welcome to the World Stage… The football has begun! -Whatever you may think of it, Wouldn’t it be great if we won?! Though contemporary etiquette Suggests it’s easy to forget Reputations won and lost At the hand of each successive boss: Names and numbers big on shirts And never mind how much it hurts, Each […]

Doing Diplomacy

Diplomacy… The principle of people and politicians Except unless, as one might expect, The sense of opposing dispositions Is plainly insurmountable Those present truly accountable For every step from word to deed: Whom to imprison and whom to be freed, Where to draw boundaries, metaphorical and real, While visibly courting public appeal. Remembering the Eighties […]

Neighbourhood Relations*

Neighbours. Don’t we all deserve good neighbours..? Folk on whose grace we might prevail When things at home incline to ail; Perhaps if we are accident-prone, Can’t find the damned charger for the mobile phone, Or need a favour- or even a fiver Or at a push, a taxi driver. A cup of milk, Some […]

Stuff It!*

How much does it really matter That the nation’s children are getting fatter?* -Who do you think should take the rap If their diet’s total cr*p..? Is this soley the fault of advertising agencies Actively promoting corpulant indulgences In the name of profit as the consequence of greed (Health warnings on the packaging just far […]

Happy Days!*

Well, Mrs C1  , you’re off to pastures new Leaving all the staff behind to do the things they do… Noses to their i-pads with dreams of escaping Or simply scrolling pages with a view to abating Spurious intrusions from those eager to learn In a bid to assure their capacity to earn: The gently […]