Bangin’ !*

Humpty Dumpty, As traditions has it, Took a tremendous cerebral hit, Falling from a wall Which logic suggests, Of sitting places Was not the best… He, though, having Royal approval Was subject to military removal To an elite centre of medical care Where doctors there-present sought to repair His shattered form (and presumably, ego) And […]

Off Sick*

These days, it seems, Evidence is King You can use it to prove just anything, Bend it, stretch it, reconfigure the facts, Add ammunition if under attack. Tweak it and sleek it and buff up the shine Just to impress that you’re towing the line; Regurgitate the Rhetoric Like practising a circus trick; Weep in […]

Soccer Sunday Lunch*

My team is in with a chance If all can sustain their collective dance- The phwoar of the bootblack, The roar of the crowd, Enough to make the City proud! The Thing (as per) I’d like to refer Is the questionable state of the players’ coiffeurs… I really am no physicist But a single, irreverent […]

Ice Dancing for Beginners*

Had a Torville and Dean moment flying solo across the ice… Lost my footing completely: It wasn’t very dignified. Hit my head on the ground like a hard-boiled egg Sustaining minor bruises to my head, arm and leg. Thought nothing of it and went on my way Only to wake up the following morning With […]


Don’t dismiss me- Please forgive me Leaving this so late: Odds on you’re comfortably Continuing to celebrate…? (Which, I hope, might let me off The hook to some degree, Today the only chance I’ve had To just catch up, you see: Staying indoors, staring at walls, And toying with hibernation In utter, self-confessed laziness, On […]

‘S no Business Like Snow Business*

It seems that only the wealthiest drivers Will be noble National Snow Survivors, The mighty four-wheel-drive brigade Quite unlikely to come to the aid Of mere mortals with recycled cars, Fearful of driving very far By dint of the fact the Ice Man cometh Leaving a depth of foot-print-free fluff, Gently deepening radiant white, A […]


Neanderthal woman lives…* But not in a purposeful way. Bleary eyed in a cave somewhere Preparing to face the day… The sun has barely risen And little effort makes To enlighten the morning that here unfolds The weekend looming like a crock of gold With little prospect of winning the jackpot (Arguably more of being […]