They spent all their money on moose heads…1 At least, that’s how it seems, As though Information Technology’s The only way to realise dreams. They’ve blown the budget big time With things Eee-lectronic Too young to remember the Power Cuts Or maybe just worn laconic The weight of ambition An ignominious disposition, The drive for […]


Sometimes I just want to be a b*st**d!! Say my piece and come down hard On petty minded isolates (Small-P political delegates) And anyone with a point of view That even an earthworm would eschew, Peaceful and diligent as s/he is 1 In getting about her daily business, Offering a further metaphor For processing all we may […]


Imagine there’s a heaven: A place disposed to all, Irrespective of each calling, Each epiphany, each fall. The ways we tear ourselves apart By race, by colour, creed- Yet when the cuts run deep How differently do we bleed? How are you by faith defined -By garments, virtue, open mind? By doctrine or by dogmatism […]

Glitter Banned*

It’s difficult not to feel bitter About the banning of glitter… A seasonal treat since the age of four- With tinsel and baubles and so much more- It’s hard to imagine festivities Without this seasonal proclivity: Celebrations across the nation Potentially stymied by this situation, The natural preoccupation With festive folly across the nation Suddenly […]

Who Do You Think You Are?*

If children are at the stage of trying on identity, Where does that leave the dinosaurs? -The ordinary folk like you and me, Who’ve grown up unquestioningly sure…? Who’ve grown up soundly in our own skin, Not so much a whisper of ‘Out’ or ‘In’, With confidence and parental endorsement -None of that publicised ‘inner […]

Spectacle Spectacle*

My nose is too short for my glasses. What a curious farce this is… In a life-long state of chronic myopia My visual correction at least offered hope: Gone are the National Health Issue specs -Which never did much for one’s self-respect, Especially as a teenage girl, The whole self-image thing like diving for pearls: […]

Small Steps*

Life is fragile. Fickle as fate. The drive to do stuff before it’s too late Riven with challenge, the rise and fall, In simple pursuit of managing it all. Imagined opportunity Stretching beyond what we think we can see; The open landscape with troughs and peaks Too often obscured by the working week, Skewed in […]