The Mobile Imperative*

You know you really shouldn’t ought
Use you mobile while driving
In case you get caught…
-Or, much worse than that by far,
You injure or kill someone with your car.
The logic is obvious, though not so the risk
‘Coz hey!- it’s OK, you’ll only be brisk…
That call to a mate to say you’ll be late
A properly justifiable excuse
For just such imperative misuse…
The Law, lets face it, is an ass
-Your need to talk in a different class:
The only way to communicate
The possibility of being late.
That, and what you did last night;
How now you’re cash-strapped
And that isn’t right-!
It’s not like you’ve really broken the law,
This legislation a bit of a bore
-And anyway, how’re they going to know
You’re talking while driving if you go real slow…??
Are you so very unique
As to bypass the law
In a fit of pique?
Your sense of urgency just so great
-Not least in the need to rant to your mate
And tell him what you did last night…
Are you sure you’ve got your priorities right??
Are you immune to the possibility
Of accident or injury
Or worse than that,
Of harm to another
-Somebody else’s
Sister or brother
Somebody else’s son or daughter?
The result of an act of mindless manslaughter.


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