Planet Earth is getting restless with her tenants.
Their behaviour by degree increasingly repellent,
From casual misuse to abject abuse
And only now making headline news
As humans, the arbiters of this decline,
Awake to find they’re the next in line:
Ecologists’ gently persistent voices
Arbiters of now well-publcised choices
To plough green spaces into the ground
The consequence silent yet profound
Tipping the ecological balance
Dangerously close a game of chance
Heads- the human intellect
Assessing the raft of profits to collect
Tails- the stories left to tell
Of how mankind engendered this hell
Wholly mismanaging the task in hand
By roundly abusing the common land,
Taking advantage of all we survey
Not for a moment imagining we’d pay,
And even now, feigning casual confusion
As a smokescreen for our disillusion,


*   http://www.thesaurus.com/browse/homeostasis?s=t


https://qz.com/1069298/the-3-of-scientific-papers-that-deny-climate-change-are-all-flawed/ -at last!!




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