The Age of Reason*

When we were young, we wanted to grow up
But none of us expected to grow old.
We listened to our parents and learned from our elders
And generally did as we were told…
When things went wrong, we found a way
To put them back together
Constantly re-configuring allegiance
Believing we’d been clever.
The years since passed have seen things change
Responding to new challenge,
Love, hope, sadness, loss,
Occasional revenge,
Never for a moment imagining
We’d last as long as we are,
The lines on our faces a testament
To lives well lived and that stuff in a jar (shh!)
No signs yet of cut-and-stretch
Or Botox injections to face and neck,
Cheekbones proudly silicone free,
Emotions expressed quite naturally
From the broadest smile to the deepest frown
A testament to life’s ups and downs:
To living, learning, determination
And tacit avoidance of an operation…



* with deference to John Paul Sartreª and in response to visible signs of surgical intervention on the faces of some prominent female TV presenters who have perhaps rather let the side down…


ª see also Simone De Beauvoir


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