What’s is a name?
-Is it pride or shame?
Is it your moniker
That governs your fame?
Or is your tagging
The reason for lagging
Behind in the workplace
By implication of race?
A curious question
Of modern times,
The stealth of selection
A silent crime;
Allegations quiet and clear
Suggesting that might happen here-
A land of opportunity
With freedoms to inspire,
Core values of equality
That other lands admire,
Reading in between the lines
And choosing then to just decline
Those whose names communicate
A reason to discriminate.
Is unmarked nominal prejudice
A genuine occupational injustice,
Or are there other complications
Disclosed in the style of written oration?
The challenge of the Personal Statement
To match an employer’s explicit intent,
Veritable proof of Circus Skills
(To juggle and unicycle at will-)
Trembling unnoticed in the wings
All on account of this Naming thing..


*From a place of life-long discomfort with my minimal first name and visually obscure family name (long since traded in for something simpler!) and further complicated by a sense of the immovable barriers of deeply sedimented gender discrimination

http://www.netsalarycalculator.co.uk/teaching-assistant-salary/  -beyond disappointing to know sexism is alive and well in the 21st century.




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