Killer Queen*

He drinks Cava by the glass, you know,
(Just in case you’re unaware)
His boldly printed shirts on show
But, thankfully not his underwearrrrr-
From the North to Brighton town
Where he’s long-since settled down
An invitation anytime
You can’t decline

Cava (no cigarettes)
Well versed in etiquette
Extraordinarily nice…

He’s a Killer Queen
Alcohol and jelly beans
Dine at night, he cooks a dream,
Guaranteed to lose his mind
Along with yours and mine…

To avoid complications
He’s tried to keep the same address
In conversation
His consonants may need redress
Couldn’t tell you too much more
Except you can be sure….

He’s a Killer Queen
House in Crete and living the dream
Rakis in an endless stream
Guaranteed to …?

…Last night was a bit extreme…!!



*With apologies to Freddie Mercury and birthday wishes for a good friend-



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