Teamwork *

So close-
And yet, sooo far…
A situation quite bizarre
The inching of the summer term
Like a weary, half-anaesthetised earthworm,
The rise and fall of its linear form a curiously modest endeavour:
Unpleasant to touch and doesn’t do much
And is not, apparently, clever….
-Not that you’d really be able to see
Without protracted scrutiny
The endless work these wrigglers do
Without surpassing a Standard of two,
Saying nothing of their committed intent
To do as they’re asked without sentiment.
No craving for public expression of praise
No jokes intimating the need of a raise
No whimpering ’bout a need to shirk,
Just a whisper or two ’bout how hard they work.
Such words only spoken over coffee, in jest:
It aren’t rocket science: you can guess the rest.
If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing proper
Not least to stop things coming a-cropper
But noone truly walks alone
(Especially when clutching than damned mobile phone,
Paying a handsome monthly fee
Just to feel connected to somebody-
Anyone: stranger, friend or freak
All for a handsome ££sum per week)
But what if, together, we made a plan
To meet and greet our fellow man…?
-Actually see them in 3-D,
Not computerised graphically…
What if we started with a simple ‘Hello’
And, without expectations, see how that goes?
Nobody’s promising trumpets and fanfares
Just the simple reassurance
That somebody’s out there.



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