The sun has got his hat on,
Hip hip hip hooray!
Everybody everywhere
With so much on display…
An annual manifestation
Of our sun-deprived nation,
Every body happy
In assorted states of grace-
This the time of year
When fashion changes pace.
Absolutely anything goes
From covered to near-naked
As sun-starved solar worshippers
Prepare to be bake-ed,
Fortunes spend on sunscreen
(The irony not lost)
And outfits full revealing
The skin at any cost…
So bearing all of this in mind
(The pun unintentional)
Don’t forget your sunscreen
-It’s commonsense essential!
No-one’s going to praise you
For turning lobster pink,
Anymore for noticing
That mole that’s on the brink
Fuzzy round the edges
And a risque shade of pink…*
And while we’re on the subject,
Those wrinkles you abhor
Will likely make their presence felt
If all this you ignore..
The party line on skin defence,
A simple nod to common sense.
Though if you cannot countenance that
Just style it out in a rakish hat
And even if you think it’s folly
Best, perhaps, to carry a brolly…


*  Born of irritation with unfettered self-exposure at the first signs of sunshine(!)- an obsession with ‘tanning’ to the point of health risk…






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