Self Defeat*

Girls, girls, girls
How has your place in this world
Regressed beyond all recognition
In the face of media competition
Over just about everything
From what to say to what to sing;
From what to wear, how to style your hair,
To how and what and whether to share
The most intimate of personal details
So that order by submission may *still* prevail,
The very notion of standing out
A challenge imbued with complex doubt
To be or plainly not to be
The person that you want to be,
Bound by relentless publication
Of contemporary social expectations.
Not that your Elders where completely immune
To the pestering sounds of the social tune
That wore its message into our heads
From all we heard and all we read
And all we saw our mentors do
Maintaining their lot in the human zoo
With dignity and determination
(Particular marks of their generation,
Carrying a legacy of war-time learning,
Along with demands for equal earning
The growing voice of Women’s Liberation
Gaining purchase across the nation,
Causing adults to stop and stare
At what they thought they knew was there
In terms of social regulations,
The very backbone of our Nation,
Manners once the very making of man
Now called to account for being out of hand,
While women, in all our infinite forms
Still have the incling to conform,
Media moguls setting the bar
For what and who we think we are,
Passively acquiring entrenched ideas
About what we want and what we fear,
Not for a moment contemplating
All that we might be subjugating
Just to be sure we can totter with the pack
Hidden in the middle, not front or back,
Protecting ourselves with style in common
With every other equivalent woman,
So, what would it take to step from the line,
To stand on two feet with the will of one mind
Safe in the knowledge that Sisterhood
Will stand beside you
When the going gets good?





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