Love Is…*

” ‘Til death do us part.” ¹
A vow between hearts
Made in faith,with love,
Before God above.
A simple public testament
To a life-time’s commitment
Walking together, hand in hand,
The route imagined but otherwise unplanned.
Bound in a shared expression of hope
That, no matter what, together they’ll cope:
Meeting their challenges, facing their fears
As history accrues across the years,
Never forgetting the promise they made
To love, to honour and obey,¹
The hopes, the trials, the triumphs, the tests
Met in partnership, each giving their best.
Each knowing from time to time vexation
As essential learning in this situation,
Travelling in partnership with nothing to follow
But a map of tradition and the hope of tomorrow.
None for a moment imagining decline
Of the sort that eradicates the adult mind,
A cruelty of the modern age
This final and irreparable stage
That robs the present while leaving the past
-At least shared history seems to last,
Simple reminiscence a language both might share,
Precious evidence of how they both came to be there.



* …what you make it…



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