Batman RIP*

Batman and Robin?
Wow! What a team!!
-With cloaks, masks and tights
To conceal the Dream:
A lesson in life that crossed generations
Courtesy of a TV station
That brought this comic-strip pair to light
To educate kids on Wrong from Right,
Witty adversaries setting the scene
With their cravings for power
A crime-fighter’s dream.
Life was so much simpler then
A clear divide between real and pretend,
Imagination the single resource
That kept kids occupied of course:
No computers, few TVs,
And radio -for the grown-ups if you please…
(A penchant for Women’s Hour passively acquired
-The programme-in-common keeping women inspired
When men ran the world from their place of employ
While wives stayed at home, tripping over the toys,
Their children arguably passively learning
There’s so much more to life than earning:
Super-heroines, few and far between,
Most of them busy with domestic regime
But not so much as to fail to teach
There’s a world beyond
-Not so far from reach…


* Adam West (Batman) dies, aged 88




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