Blue Monday…*

Monday makes the week go round
-Without much creative endeavour, I’ve found…
News stories telling the same ol’ tales
Depicting the ways that humans fail
And saving just one small moment of joy
-An irritatingly regular ploy
As though this single-cell postivity
Eclipses political proclivity,
The moaning, groaning, monotoning
A flimsy disguise for the human cloning
Of politicians in party outfits
Tailored to perfection, as befits
A role imbued with historical respect,
Suggesting that England might rightly Expect
Every man and woman in the Houses of Parliament
To act with intention to stem the lament…
That putting an X on a piece of paper
Is the only way to resolve this caper-
That those who can’t be bothered to attend
(No matter the reasons they might pretend)
Will pass the post with a sense of shame
Having offered no opinion in their own name,
There after bearing the consequence
Of abject political negligence;
Losing the right to moan or cheer
As others determine
What happens here.



* … rude not to!


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