Abstainers’ Reprieve*

There are thirty-eight shades of Prussian Blue¹
But only one of Tory:
The former a personal fascination,
The latter a national story…
England’s green and pleasant land
Now resting precariously in Teresa’s hands
While questions are asked across hallowed halls
About how on earth this has happened at all…
The British Public making it clear
Her party’s no longer welcome here.
There’ll be no dancing in the streets
(Save that celebrating ignominious defeat)
But what happens next is not yet clear
Though at least one lesson can be captured here:
The right to vote is a right indeed-
A collective choice on who should lead.
So if you’re sat there feeling aggrieved
For not representing what you believe
By putting and X on a ballot paper
That would have impacted this political caper,
Think yourself lucky to have the chance
Of a second invitation to this political dance.


¹- a random but interesting recent discovery…

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-40231107 – and doubtless plenty more to follow



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