General Election Predilection*

What makes a politician worth their salt?
Capacity for rhetoric implicit with insult?
A heart of gold worn plainly on a sleeve?
A well-rehearsed mantra stating all they believe?
A gifted orator spinning evidence for causes
From the fountains of headlines imbued with applauses?
A knowledge of history, present and past,
Ensuring lessons learned are serially surpassed?
Or, plain and simple openness
-Empathic perspective on the whole damned mess?
A heart with space for empathy,
Stepping out from behind the Vote-For-Me?
A sense of coherence in spite of appearance?
A strapline capturing hearts and minds
Imbued with promises of all kinds?
A grasp of the law and how not to bore
When espousing on issues difficult to endure?
Or a plain and simple open heart:
A sense of how to peel things apart
Taking account of difference and division,
While cleanly containing the urge for derision;
Sarcasm, the lowest form of wit
And really not the way to transmit
Ideas in good faith of transformation
(The Just well wearied by repeated translation).
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,
The very stuff of political truth.

and  – remembering there are other events across the universe…



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