National Daze*

Well, Happy Saint George’s Day!
-Who was this ol’ chap anyway?
Donned his armour,
Rode a steed,
That’s about all I’ve ever read.
But thinking further on the topic
It seems a little man-myopic
That patron saints of our sceptre isles
Are three great guys with armoured smiles.
Once again, as is my wont
I wonder why more women don’t
Acquire the mantle of patronage
-Is that a matter of sacrilege?
There surely must be tales to spare
Of ladies who have lived to care
For the needs and lives of others
In the same way as their brothers?
I remember Joan of Arc at least
And then, poor old Saint Wilgefortis
Who, pleading for her life’s devotion
Caused significant commotion:
When praying to be left unwed
She woke next day upon her bed
Feeling not a little weird
To find that she had grown a beard,
A tale that’s cruelly salutary
As a mark of femininity
Rather undermining hope
For any parity of scope…
Can *anyone* name female saint
Whose tale’s at least equivalent
To the struggles of male counterparts?¹
Those men of faith with sturdy hearts
Who fought and won and, as legend has it,
Often saved the maidens (dammit!)



and not forgetting – this woman revolutionised traditional tales for kids with a much-needed feminist twist in the 1980s. On seeking her provenance for this poem, I learned that she sadly died in January this year.


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