Cat, Smarter*

Given the male passion for sports
That mostly involve a ball.
I’m wondering, is there any point
In trying to compete at all?
The weekend days all earmarked
Before next season’s even embarked,
Leaving me free to do what I choose
(Whether they win or whether they lose)
-He never asks so I don’t have to tell
(And I doubt, to be frank, he listens that well,
One ear generally focussed elsewhere
In case there’s wind of a ball in the air…)
And so it is weekends are pre-planned
-No question at all that I’d take a stand
And remonstrate with the monotony
Of ballgames in their ubiquity…
But what’s the point?
Imagine that face-
Like a wet weekend loafing round the place,
Pining for nothing but Match of the Day
(Or anything else with showing kindred play)
Which makes me wonder, is that why, of pets,
Man opts for the one with a similar mind set,
A partnership of shared endeavour;
Sphere-chasing buddies for ever and ever,
Needing no other companionship
-Except down the pub watching championships,
Where Dog, to his credit, has learned to lay still
‘Twixt the cheering and leering and beery swill…
While Cat, frankly somewhat less disposed,
Retires to a corner and nobody knows
What goes in that walnut-sized brain
Except that, plainly, there’s nothing to gain
By wasting time to be used for a snooze…
Perfect stillness belying the fact
They’re silently ready for potential attack;
Ears like radars subtly rotate,
A moment just to hesitate…
Cautious in their risk assessment,
The finest of sounds a testament
To visuospatial acuity
-The critical capability
That sets these wonderful creatures apart,
Though not one that would capture the heart-
The killer instinct set to shock:
So much more skillful than chasing a sock!,
Instantly making clear the design
Of the elegant creature to whom I’m resigned.


* My faithful rescue cat

tiny-july-13 small edit

-among many pet rescue centres nationwide


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