Own Goal?*

What a load of fuss
Over a plume of hot air:
A Man versus Woman
Sporting affair…
A casual remark
Opined in humour
Giving rise to outrage and defamatory rumour,
The simple use of common words
Distorted by criticism simply absurd
All in the name of headline news
-A curious and mildy questionable ruse.
The chap in the spotlight
Denied of the right
To use gender pronouns
When going to town-
Albeit with humour
(In spite of the rumour)
The whole situation
Now quite an occasion-
Blown out of the water
Because. he should’ve oughta
Made such a gender biased reference
Without seeking redress or recompense.
But seriously- is there nothing more pressing??
I find all this just a little depressing
As though there’s some kind of hidden accord
To ease the gentleman off the Board.
A storm in a teacup with a lipstick stain
It’s happened before: it’ll happen again.
It’s not as though we don’t do the same…
Gender equality, the name of the game
It’s the twenty-first century-
We can give as we get
So let’s kick self-pity
To the back of the net.


and doubtless other media responses not accessible at the time of writing



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