Good Old Sussex By The Sea*

The Palace Pier is back in town!
Grab your beach gear! Come on down!!
-Not forgetting your brolly and mac:
It’s good to anticipate a weather attack
Typical of British holiday resorts,
Where Kiss-Me-Quick hats can still be sought
But brollies and macs are much more the ticket
For those imbued with British holiday spirit,
Inured to the weather’s relentless vigour
Hellbent on good times enough to ignore
Very British instructions for coming ashore
Starting with the local weather,
Sun, winds and rain at the same time- together
Offering scope for sartorial giggles
Of folks in macs eating fish, chips and pickles,
Doing stuff they just wouldn’t dare
To do on their own turf, but do have a care!
-They’ve made a veritable pilgrimage
To settle a Family Fun Day itch
(Treatable I’m sure with antibiotics
Though in the more extreme of cases
A local pharmacist may divert disgraces;
The Sexual Health clinics being free to all
In the event of a slightly more urgent call…
But let’s climb out from beneath that boulder
Brighton, a particular place to behold- huh?
Everybody is welcome here
Three hundred and sixty-five days a year
-As long as you’re willing to live and let be
Respecting our cultural history
The mix and match of our population
A constantly shifting situation-
From multi million pound corporations
To small and perfectly formed innovations;
People of every proclivity
The unmarked heart
Of this wonderful city.


*Brighton, Sussex… AKA Brighton And Hove (-one word…)



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