Retail Therapy*

Shopping online:
An insidious sign
That all is not well…
A retail alarm bell
That simply attests
To creeping signs
Of emptiness.
It isn’t like there’s no time to shop,
Glancing in windows with time to stop
Enacting a two-hander courtroom scene
To reason the defence that has always been:
That yes, the choice is one well made;
A testament, an accolade,
To careful inspection of every detail,
An imperative element of online retail…
Just to be sure it’s meant to be:
This item, imperative company,
An absolute essential,
The outcome somehow inevitable
That, no, it’s not quite what I thought,
Not even as a last resort-
If I’m really honest, I knew that would be
A pretty-damn-near certainty,
Not least because it’s what I do
In the false belief that something new
Will cheer me up when things are dull
(Not withstanding the cupboard full
Of well crafted purchases thus acquired
From times when I’ve been weary or wired;
These in turn a testament
To a weirdly robust capacity for judgement
Borne out by the lack of returns,
The sense of well-being
And aesthetics earned
From hours of online scrutiny
To help disperse the mutiny…



*  -!-


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