Hokey Cokey*

May versus Sturgeon?
-Let’s hope there’s a surgeon
Standing by the ring-side watching the show
As their hokey-cokey argument continues to grow
Over how to decide the future of relations
Between two conjoined stalwart nations
Ego-deep in arguments of rhetoric
Each in their way articulate and politic,
Carefully coiffed with twinsets and pearls
Details reducing this contest to girls
With petty squabbles, if you will,
In the broader context of World ills.
Drought, famine, war and fear-
So much more than what’s happening here
Where we with the voice and the education
Struggle with selfish preoccupations,
Dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s
Preparing to Make History.
The female business of Handbags at Dawn
In heels and crimplene well adorned,
A million miles away indeed
From families in genuine need,
Worn to the bone by famine and war,
Truly unable to take any more:
Repeated violent and dreadful scenes
Viewed here in comfort on TV screens,
Offering an unintentional contrast
If only we’d face the looking glass.


*Brexit…and the broader, less vocal context of the world stage






etc, etc, etc.


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