In my head
There’s a secret vault,
Gathering place of idle thoughts…
The things I shouldn’t dare declare
All safely (I hope) arranged in there,
My elected position to sit on the sidelines
Watching random events unravel
Disclosing in their wake a route for travail:
The seeking of solutions
Tantamount to revolution
With talk of meditation
A local preoccupation,
The city of my residence
Voicing petulant persistence
That ‘Mindfulness’ is the only way
To survive with grace the working day
As though waiting for epiphany
Will stultify the mutiny,
Surpassing prayer or fellowship
Or simple companionship.
Each to our own, I suppose I mean:
No need to commit to some local scene.
My point, I think, that having to pay
To chase dissatisfaction away
Is not, perhaps, an authentic transaction
When resting on customer satisfaction.
Put simply, time spent on my own
Disregarding both email and phone,
Wondering the streets in the open air,
Is a simple expression of self-care.

*£££Free to all participants…

http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/getting-started-guides/Pages/getting-started-walking.aspx  -the irony is not lost.



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