Neighbourhood Wrath*

It seems workplace parking’s gone barking
With all the chaos it’s sparking,
The length of the roads
Running past our abode
Overflowing with tempers and narking…
The neighbours are generally tolerant
As we clutter their streets with cars
But Wednesday’s inclement weather
Caused chaos beyond bizarre:
Tempers already beginning to fray
At the end of a wet afternoon,
With vehicles every-which-way parked
And no-one going anywhere soon.
No room to swing the tiniest cat
Much less, to three-point-turn,
Nor even hail a taxi,
No matter how much you earn…!
While in fairness, we’re all entitled
To freedom of movement in town,
This business is causing a problem
When folk have to drive up or down
If anyone has a solution
(For I haven’t any in mind-
Except perhaps for car sharing
And that’ll be hard to find…)
Please make your ideas known soon as poss-
To colleagues, at least (- maybe not yet the Boss?)
Perhaps by thinking clever
We can work something out together,
With the net result
Of avoiding insult
Through intelligent collective endeavour..?


*Selfish stupidity results in a whole circus of selfish responses…


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