A Lesson In The Life*

#1- Introduction

Not hesitating.
Just waiting…
Not for Godot,
Though though goodness knows
It would be quite something if he shows…
Almost as much of a feat, I’d guess,
As me avoiding making a mess (!)
A trail of practical debris the clue
To things I think I’d rather do
Than sit.
Just sit.
Just sit and listen
To other adults wittering on,
Imparting the State-sponsored information
Their livelihoods
Depend upon.

#2 Development

I wonder and I worry
At the abject sense of hurry
Experienced in delivery
Of all things educatory;
The urgentest of urgency
To make young learners look and see
Often unwittingly undermined
By sheer speed of delivery.


#3 Conclusion

I.T. is skewing literacy.
At least, that’s how it seems to me,
This elision to dependence on electricity:
A steady yet unmarked educational proclivity
To tap on those keys at every opportunity
Where once a pencil was sufficient
The process,calm, cheap and efficient…
From eyes and ears to hand to page
Proceeding with inspired courage;
No need for a battery, a plug or a socket:
Just a page and the pen you’d find in your pocket.
The kinaesthetic prescience
Combining Language, Art and Science
While subversively equipping
Those kids who think their slipping
And come the need to record Revolution,
The only ones with an all-weather solution.


* With a nod to the Beattles. After a lesson led by a ‘substitute teacher’. The song remains the same…



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