Left-Field Lady*

Dear Julie Christy,
Standing to the left of me,
Steppin’ and a-clappin’
Between the banter and the chattin’.
I sometimes wonder just how far
We’ve actually walked-
It’s quite bizarre,
This journey that we weekly share
Without ever actually going anywhere!
(-Amazing, though, the calorie-burning
In between the musical learning:
Walking for miles on a weekly basis,
None of us ever leaving our places!!)
So this is my moment to celebrate
The birthday of a sonorous mate
Who stands with me the tenor section
Always ready with fine-tuned correction,
Alongside incidental chatter
Ranging from frivolous to topics that matter…
Eloquent, studious, cynical as the best of us,
Questioning critically all that evolves politically;
Never shy of witty observation
Befitting the most sincere of occasions…(!)
Which brings me back to the purpose of this
Have a very happy birthday, Missus!


*for any number of reasons- including this… ;0)

http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p027ffs7 !




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