Double Bind*

Is sexism what it used to be?
A curious question, it seems to me,
Not least for the silence of assumption
That regular gender-related presumption
(Especially where women and girls are concerned)
Is still quietly propagated, passively learned.
So…whose fault is this? Who can we blame
For slight, remarks, offence and shame?
What do we do to attract such attention?
-Is there really no cast-iron intervention?
How can half the population
Be so maligned by this situation,
Blaming the other fifty per cent
For language and attitudes we resent…?
Or are we missing some vital facts;
Our own contributions to the act?
Are we expecting to have it all ways,
With what we wear, do, think and say?
Or are we entitled to those choices
That all too easily undermine our voices
By virtue of how they’re sometimes perceived;
That stuff that others too easily conceive
Based on what they think they know
Because, from the outside,
We make it so…?



* a familiar phrase from the work of Watson and Crick – and a woman called Rosalind who got left off the credits…




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