Waiting Time*

Old age
It seems
Is an outrage
Currently challenging centre stage;
A mounting pressure on social resources
As H M Government endorses
Layer upon layer of financial reduction
Ultimately leading to deconstruction
Of public services far and wide;
This political agenda set to decide
The future of Britain’s NHS,
A downward-spiralling irreparable mess,
Left to rot for political gain
Notwithstanding the numbers in pain,
Nor dedicated professional teams
Facing nightmares more than dreams,
Stretched to the very limits of endurance
Tending public intemperance
While seeking to prioritise
Those most deeply traumatised.
Folk in need of intervention
Grappling with apprehension,
Strength and perseverance
Frail facets of appearance,
Sensing as they wait in line
That, frankly, this is far from fine:
Every worker in a race
Just to keep a steady pace,
Running ragged for their place
In the medical leg
Of the Human Race.






http://www.qualitywatch.org.uk/indicator/ae-waiting-times …


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