Class Struggle*

What do you need to succeed?
It’s not Rocket Science
So perhaps worth the heed.
To be ready for class is an act of self-care
Avoiding the stress of being unprepared,
Of time spent worrying what to do
Because you ‘forgot’ to bring anything with you…
It’s just not enough to simply be there
Then sit at the back and rock on your chair,
Speculating on future fame
When you’ve barely even written your name.
No matter how long you sing in the shower
And practice your thanks for those bouquets of flowers,
Writing your autograph on tiles in the steam,
Imagining the wonders of Living The Dream,
The outfits and the adulation
The stuff of creative imagination…
But when push comes to shove
(Or whatever you say)
Rome, if we’re honest, wasn’t built in a day.
Obvious, really: needs no explanation.
Surviving with ancient reputation,
A prevailing mark of history
And architectural ingenuity.
All of which leads to one conclusion:
That talent-free fame is a tacit illusion,
Creative ideas and common sense
Much more likely to aid ascendance…
Perhaps reaching for the stars
Isn’t really so bizarre-
And sometimes plainly better
Than where we find we are…
From pop star in the mirror
To who knows where….?
But how’re you going to get there
By just taking up a chair?


*From observation and conversations. Is there really no future for this generation of young people but university education and a monumental debt? – baa humbug!

-and elsewhere.


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