Mobius Strop*

Somewhere between Happiness and Habit
Is where we’ve abandoned our Planet,
Taking for granted all we survey:
Human consumption withering away
The very things we crave to protect
While systematically having wrecked
The very landscapes we lament
With time, money and energy spent
In pyrrhic, infantile endeavour
To keep things the same for ever and ever
While systematically wearing away
All aspects of the place we play
By filling it with innovation:
Gadgets for all and every occasion
Gamely constructed from nature’s resources
-And what an unstoppable force this is…
Eroding Nature’s delicate protection
With wistfully casual inattention,
Stripping back its very essence
While wilfully harbouring simple pretence
That, as the Masters of all we survey,
It’s quite OK to live this way…





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