Existential Crisis*

Dear Lord and Father of Mankind
Forgive our human ways:¹
We could stand on the doorstep and argue our case
For a month of Sabbath days…
The people heading your English church
Are leaving some of us in the lurch,
Citing your Word as a justification
For the self-righteous eradication
Of a simple, human right to love
By claiming offence to God above;
The tacit absence of procreation
Raising a complex situation,
Made paradox on a daily basis
By ‘normal’ couples and their headline disgraces.
That a man shall not lay down with a man
Is enshrined in Old Testament law,
Though nowhere are women forbidden the same
And it doesn’t seem right anymore.
Does anyone really imagine
That gender’s a lifestyle choice?
-Or that open expressions of difference
Unleash an ungodly voice?
I wonder at the wisdom
Of Faith in the twenty-first century,
Ring-fencing the moral high ground
And defining how things are meant to be
With simple humanity swept aside
In order that worshippers can deride
This piercing predicament
In the name of their Old Testament,
Knowing nothing of the battles
That others have to fight
To love the ones that fate bestows
Because they’re disavowed the right.


*Crisis of existence…

1 http://www.hymnary.org/text/dear_lord_and_father_of_mankind

2 Bible references Exodus 20:1-17
1 Corinthians 13: 1-13




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