Flat-Pack Fandango*

Good people of Brighton-
Ikea is set to enlighten
The retail prospects of our coast,
This furniture multi-mart loved the most
For flat-pack furniture, china and plants,
Finally giving locals the chance
To cruise their way along the coast
In order to become entirely engrossed
With three-dimensional representations
Of previously pictorial furnishing sensations
Which (let’s be honest) rarely look
As fabulous as in the catalogue book…¹
This, it seems, inadequate deterrent
To imagine ideas that would surely augment
The quality of our living space
By choosing from pictures
The stuff to place
At rakish angles,
In quirky style.
A creative prospect to beguile
-But perhaps a bit too daring yet
With all those finishing touches to get…
Best seek out the ‘Market Place’
And get ahead with cushions and lace(!)
I loved the Look in a posh bro-chure
But in a three-bed terrace?
I’m not so sure…


*A moderate amount of dancing in the streets…  http://www.brightonandhovenews.org/2017/01/26/ikea-plans-to-open-store-in-lancing/

¹- something about ‘set and setting’… and ready access to interior design experts…


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