Cultural Contentment*

The British said to show it less
Than Holland’s more contented folk:
This not incentive for a joke,
No more a homage to Ken Dodd¹
(Who made a name playing funny-and-odd)
But something more reflective
Grown from government invective:
Decisions sealed as legally binding
Are, it seems we’re increasingly finding,
Shaping our lively by gradual degree
Under the auspice of Liberty.
Social values? Family ties?
Are we really so different from other guys?
How do we fail to meet the mark
That galvanises a social spark
Igniting even the weakest flame
Of creative will for fun and games?
The evidence presented here
Suggests we’ve nothing much to fear.
More, perhaps we need to act
To counter the social cyber-attack;
These ‘necessary’ but costly devices
An obvious route to solitary vices
As much as a cause of family partition,
Each on a keyboard in e-competition,
This passive submission to marketisation
Eroding the social skills of a Nation-
Ergo, the blindingly obvious effect
Of Virtual Community evolving unchecked.


* “Dutch children consistently rank among the happiest in the world”, according to surveys by UN children’s fund Unicef.”                                   

Where in Britain would you be happiest…?

¹ Childhood memories…


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